If You Can’t Dig Down, Grow Up! Raised Bed & Container Planting TipsListen now (13 min) | For a container plant, all you need are drain holes and potting mix.
How Honeybees Say, "Come and Get It!"Listen now (19 min) | Honeybees do the Waggle Dance, to point out the pollen-rich plants to others.
Pepper Seeds Slow to Germinate? Some Speedy Tips.Listen now (5 min) | Also: How to Tell if Those Old Seeds Are Still Any Good
The Scoop on Worm PoopListen now (13 min) | Vermicomposting Builds Better Soil. And it's easier than it sounds!

February 2023

Vegan Split Pea SoupListen now (6 min) | Master Gardener and Chef/Instructor Andi MacDonald says her recipe is "more than basic". Plus: a love letter to a bay laurel.
Freeze Damaged Plants? Embrace the Ugly.Listen now (5 min) | All That Dead Stuff is Protecting What's Below
Farmer Fred Garden Rule #8: If it works for you, fine. But keep an open mind.
Winter is Rose Pruning TimeListen now (13 min) | In the podcast: the right rose pruning equipment, including clothing.

January 2023

Call it "Lessons Learned the Hard Way" or more euphemistically, "Garden Wisdom".
Drain That Rain!Listen now (8 min) | Plus: Thwarting Wet Weather Pests
The right tomato varieties make all the difference for winter tomato success
Bypass or Anvil Pruners? We Ask the Experts.Écoutez maintenant (9 min) | Plus: the 3-Cut Pruning Method For Branches Thicker Than Your Thumb