Plants To Attract Beneficial Insects, Pt. 2Listen now (7 min) | Know your "Garden Good Guys"
And, the life stages of lacewings, ladybugs and hoverflies (so you don't accidentally squish a good guy!)
The Truth About Compost TeaListen now (21 min) | Making It, Using It, What To Expect From It
Why Do Pepper Flowers Fall Off?Listen now (11 min) | Because you are in too much of a hurry for really fresh salsa.
Top 10 Fragrant Roses (in the Podcast)Listen now (18 min) | Top 7 Modern Fragrant Roses in the Newsletter (space limitations)
Different Mulches for Different Plants. Fruit Trees vs. LawnsListen now (14 min) | Plus: How Gardening Helped Me Live Longer Than the Doctor Predicted
Call it "Lessons Learned the Hard Way" or more euphemistically, "Garden Wisdom".
A Visit to the Luther Burbank GardensListen now (10 min) | But really, this story is about the docent we talked to in Santa Rosa.
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