Call it "Lessons Learned the Hard Way" or more euphemistically, "Garden Wisdom".
Drain That Rain!Listen now (8 min) | Plus: Thwarting Wet Weather Pests
The right tomato varieties make all the difference for winter tomato success
Bypass or Anvil Pruners? We Ask the Experts.Listen now (9 min) | Plus: the 3-Cut Pruning Method For Branches Thicker Than Your Thumb
Ant ControlListen now (15 min) | Ants are good. Unless they're in your house.
Poinsettia PointersListen now (6 min) | How to Purchase the Healthiest Poinsettia Plant, and How To Keep It Alive
All About Fruit Tree Chill Hours, and MoreListen now (25 min) | Can you grow an apple tree from seed? Yes and no. It depends. Maybe.
2023 All-America Plant Selections WinnersListen now (6 min) | Something to Look At While Listening to Episode 243 of the Garden Basics Podcast
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